About debbiesierchio

I love exploring nature with my camera, experimenting with light and shadows in black and white or variations of color. I especially enjoy the atmosphere when it's extremely foggy outside. I would like to clarify my photographic process to assist understanding. I have a painter's eye and the photos I make involve post processing in that regard. I also like to tell a story with my photos. When I see an image or landscape I most often visualize a painting and the end result of the photo or photos inspires me to write. I believe that an artist can actually enhance what is found in nature, and there is always a story behind every image translating a message to the onlooker.

I received my BA degree in 1996 from Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage, AK. While working at Out North I exhibited my work in the gallery where one out of five of my photos sold. I then worked at the University of Alaska Anchorage where I realized my true passion was photography. In 2010 one of my photos was selected to be published in the Tampa Bay Magazine. And, most recently one of my photos was selected to exhibit in the Camera USA 2017 competition in Naples, FL at the Naples Art Association.